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Fake Hub XXX Casting is now part of the Fake Hub network. This means that by joining you are getting access not only to Castingxxx (Fake Agent) but also to six other amateur reality sites: Fake Taxi, Fake Agent UK, Fake Hospital, Female Agent and Public Agent. The sites update every day and there are over 2000 HD videos ready for download now.

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Fake Agent is all about great casting porn. Fresh amateur girls are lured into the office of a fake "agent" that pretends to be a casting agent for adult modeling companies. He greets the girls in his office, talks to them, makes them feel comfortable and then says the producers would ned to see a video of them to see how they look on camera. Seeing as the guy has awesome interpersonal skills, he always gets them to undress, suck his dick and fuck in front of the camera. This way he gets laid for free! Very pretty and fresh amateur girls, mainly from Eastern Europe. [450+ movies]

Fake Agent UK has the exact same premise but is filmed in the UK so it features mainly amateur UK chicks. [200+ movies]

Fake Female Agent is not surprisingly just like Fake Agent but the agent is actually a woman that tricks hot chicks and guys into having sex with her after she promises them a great career in the modeling business ;). [330+ movies]

Fake Taxi is a site where a fake taxi driver offers hot chicks a free ride in exchange for sex. Somehow he manages to convince a lot of hot european amateur girls to suck his dick and fuck him right there in his cab. They simply pay him with pussy for the ride. [300+ movies]

Fake Female Taxi has the exact same premise as Fake Taxi but the driver is a female and she tricks other girls (and guys as well) into having sex with her in exchange for a free ride. Very hot amateur mostly UK chicks on this site. Highly recommended! [50+ movies, updating twice per week, it's a new site]

Fake Hospital is a hospital with lots of hidden cameras where hot Czech girls come for their checkups and a bunch of fake doctors get to play doctor with them. [210+ movies]

Public Agent is a site where random Czech babes are approached in the street and offered money in exchange for sex by a guy who claims he is a modeling agent. Some of them play hard to get but he usually convinces them first to get naked, then to give him head and finally to have sex with him [350+ movies]

Fake Cop is a site where a guy pretending to be a policeman tricks women to have sex with him in exchange of letting them off with a warning.